Briner Institute Carries On the “Roaring Lambs” Vision

Christian music veteran Barry Landis builds entertainment industry infrastructure for positive, values-oriented content. Organization names Board of Directors.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) April 24, 2007 – After two years of research, organizing and networking, The Briner Institute, a 501c3 not for profit corporation was founded this month by Christian music deal maker Barry Landis, the family of the late Bob Briner, as well as key corporate executives and entertainment industry personalities. The goal of the organizations is to continue the vision and mission of Briner’s call to foster the development of a positive, values-oriented content infrastructure in the entertainment industry.

The Briner Institute was birthed out of a symposium held at Vanderbilt University in late 2005. It was organized as a dying request in Briner’s Final Roar, his last book, completed by Landis. Moderated by the now Executive Director Landis, this two day event featured a 120 person strong roster of luminaries from the entertainment industry, as well as supportive philanthropists. Today’s announcement of the formal organization of the Briner Institute and the appointment of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board is a further step towards creating the infrastructure required to support Briner’s vision.  “My family and I are very pleased and excited with the concept of the Briner Institute and continuing the vision that was so important to Bob. He and Barry had many discussions about being Roaring Lambs in our society, especially in the field of entertainment. I want to thank the Board for their gracious financial support as well as their continued encouragement of Barry’s efforts to carry out my husband’s dream,” said Marty Briner. The Briner Institute has become a reality through a founding grant from three board members—Dr Harry Jacobson, Vice Chancellor Medical Affairs/Vanderbilt University, Mike Curb, Chairman/Curb Records and Bill Glynn, Chairman/Collective I.Q. Together with Landis, Marty Briner, Terry Hemmings, CEO and President/Provident Music Group and Christian music recording artist Michael W. Smith, the seven will serve as the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization.

“We have a fantastic board and I want to thank them all for their wonderful support of Bob Briner’s vision,” said Landis. “Briner’s message was clear and encompassed three main areas. The first was to ‘be salt,’--to be an agent for positive change. Secondly, one should ‘light a candle instead of cursing the darkness,’ meaning that boycotts and denunciation of negative content really is not worth much unless you offer an acceptable alternative, and finally ‘linkage is the key.’ The entertainment industry is a complex web of artists, financiers, publishers, distribution companies, etc. It’s important to create an industry-wide groundswell and functioning infrastructure in order to bring about true change in culture shaping arenas.”

The next event sponsored by The Briner Institute will be a Silicon Valley Entertainment and Media Summit to continue to build on the work started at Vanderbilt. The Summits are by invitation only and other EM Summits will be organized in large metropolitan cities around the United States and perhaps the world. “There is a large segment of the population who would like to see more values-oriented entertainment in our culture,” said Landis. “The Briner Institute is an important catalyst in teaching how such content is developed, financed and distributed to meet this demand.”

About the Briner Institute

The Briner Institute’s mission was adopted in honor of Emmy Award-winning television and entertainment executive Bob Briner – and his book – Roaring Lambs. Founded by leaders in the fields of entertainment, media, music, technology, higher education and ministry, the Briner Institute seeks to achieve its primary mission of cultural engagement and influence through educational related activities. The Briner Institute and its members seek to educate interested persons on how to:

• Advocate for the proliferation of successful, quality faith and family-based

content movements in movies, music, games, media, etc...

• Mentor developing promising artists, writers, musicians, and to provide a tax benefit to the inventor and artist community – whereby intellectual property or equity in small amounts is contributed up front to the institute - such that the future success of these properties, artists and creations – perpetuate the institute’s capital and endowment needs.

• Network with like-minded persons globally – in order to engage in the policy and culture shaping mediums of expression that form and influence our cultural belief systems.

• Provide scholarships to college age “roaring lambs” with tuition grants, helping them acquire the necessary educational and professional credentials, so that they will be equipped to enter various culture shaping careers with influence and credibility.

In addition to these primary educationally related purposes, the Briner Institute also seeks to host annual events, called Entertainment & Media Summits, that are focused on bringing together the “best and the brightest” minds in fields designated above, to develop and create new strategies for achieving its mission of cultural engagement and influence. In addition to the education members receive at the these Summits, participants also benefit from the strategic and business ideation, networking, and brainstorming that contributes valuable ideas, leadership experience and vision that support the long-term goals of the Briner Institute. Summits are held at least annually, more frequently is funds allow, and are by invitation only. The EM Summits gather in strategic cities with leaders, grounded in the Christian faith, representing the professional arenas of the arts, business, media, entertainment, higher education and ministry.





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