Lesley Burbridge receives Briner Salt and Light Award from Greenville College


Burbridge has achieved a prominent career in public relations, working on numerous film and television projects and representing top talent including music artists, athletes, authors, producers and other celebrities.

She first stepped into the Christian music industry through her involvement in the student-run Agape Festival at Greenville University. The event connected her with Word Records in Nashville, where she later worked as director of publicity.

Eight years later, inspired by the potential publicists hold to promote Christian messages in media, Burbridge broadened her PR work beyond music. She stepped out on her own to build PR firm L.A.B. Media. She is now executive vice president at Los Angeles-based Rogers & Cowan, one of the largest entertainment PR firms in the world.

Burbridge considers her career in media to be a mission field, utilizing publicity work as a mouthpiece for media that spreads the message of Christ.

Mat Anderson

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