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We host events that are focused on bringing together the “best and the brightest” minds in entertainment, media and technology, to develop new strategies for achieving its mission of cultural engagement and influence.  In addition to the education members receive at these meetings, participants also benefit from the strategic networking, and business ideation that contributes valuable ideas, leadership experience and vision that support the long-term goals of the organization.  


We mentor promising talent in entertainment, media and technology industries.  In some cases, we provide scholarships, helping them acquire the necessary educational and professional credentials, so that they will be equipped to enter various culture shaping careers with influence and credibility.


We provide financial support for our gatherings and talent development efforts through grants, donations and crowd sourcing, spotlighting salt and light inspired people, projects, initiatives and ventures that “roar”.  We present an online option to interested donors and sponsors that demonstrate broad interest in seeing salt and light inspired projects get to market and we unite like-minded donors and sponsors to provide encouragement and funding to worthy projects and individuals.   




succeeding after surviving

Many aspire to achieve position, wealth, and notability because they assume success will erase the scars of past pain. Yet, in Succeeding After Surviving, Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur, and Preacher Nona Jones makes the case that being outwardly successful while inwardly broken is not God's perfect will for our lives.

Growing up in a home defined by dysfunction, abuse, and anger, Nona emerged through the grace of God to build a career that has taken her from the Boardroom to the White House to Silicon Valley. Although she thought physically moving away from her pain would end its effects on her, she learned that trauma doesn't have an address. The remnants of her childhood pain reverberated throughout her adulthood until God taught her how to walk in the victory He won on the cross.

In Succeeding After Surviving, Nona takes readers on a personal journey through the lessons she continues learning each day. And in those lessons resides God's power to heal, deliver, and restore us all so that we, too, can succeed after our storms.


from social media to social ministry

While more and more churches are being added to the “fastest growing churches in America” lists, more and more cities are becoming less and less “churched”. 30,000 Google searches every month use the search phrase “church online”, so while people may not show up to a building, they are still seeking the Savior. Is your church prepared to meet them where they are?

In From Social Media To Social Ministry, Nona Jones makes the case for digital discipleship while providing the practical instruction all church leaders need to de-mystify this emerging approach to ministry. You will learn:

• What the statistics say about church attendance

• How to plan, launch, lead and grow an online campus

• How other churches have achieved success online

God is doing a new thing through social media and Nona Jones is coming alongside you as you accept His call to make disciples of all nations. Right through your fingertips.



Inside this unique book we’ve collected original insights from some of today’s top Christian authors, musicians, filmmakers and businesspeople as well as tech executives from Facebook, Apple, and Google. Here is a lifetime of wisdom that will help students as they prepare for what’s next and pursue God’s plan for their lives. All proceeds goes to The Briner Institute.  Order one for all the students in your church!

Roaring Lambs

Bob Briner would have told you, "Absolutely!" Roaring Lambs is Briner's manifesto of our proper stance regarding the "culture-shaping arena." Christians can and ought to be the movers and shakers of social change -- "roaring lambs" who infiltrate and make an impact on their workplace and world with their faith. Roaring Lambs was written from Briner's personal experience as an Emmy Award-winning television producer. It takes you into the work world strategies anyone can use. There's also a useful discussion guide that will help you and your friends put shoe leather to your faith. Bob Briner's greatest legacy may well be the way in which, through his own courageous roar, he helped countless Christians discover theirs. John their ranks. Roar with conviction -- and change your world!


In the final book of this Christian thought leader, Bob Briner takes a look at the history of Christian participation with American popular culture over the past fifty years. Briner concludes Christians have failed to be salt and light. This posthumous book is Briner's apology of sorts to a culture that desperately needs what Jesus has to offer but has had to endure a string of embarrassing behaviors in the name of Christ by those that wear the name Christian.


“Bob Briner was so selfless in his giving. If I asked him for his input on something, he would inundate me with information, and at the end of each message he would say, ‘ No need to respond to this—just know that I’m praying for you and know that I love you.’ He was such a precious gift that God gave me. I really hope to be more like him. He so well mirrored what I think Jesus’ friendship should be like.”

-Stephen Curtis Chapman, Recording Artist

“Bob Briner could, by his example and with his words, reach so many people like me because he had himself lived so fully. And as he lived the examined life, so too did he live the uncompromising Christian life that he wrote about—one where love proceeds and care follows and generosity abounds.”

-Frank Deford
Author, columnist, and broadcast commentator
Sports Illustrated/Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

“God is no respecter of persons, so he gave that job to Bob Briner. Bob was the official lifter-upper of those who respected God, even at their own peril. ‘Roaring Lambs’ he called them. By including me among them, he unknowingly bestowed upon me my greatest earthly honor to date. In appreciation I could wish him no greater joy than he has right now—the fellowship of the roaringest Lamb of all, the [small caps] Lion of Judah.”

—Johnny Hart, B.C. and Wizard of Id

“We started out with a small idea of what the vision and purpose of the band would be, and Roaring Lambs helped complete that vision for us. It really gave us more of an idea what we could and should be doing and how God could work through us in the culture.”

-Jars of Clay, Recording Artists
Dan Haseltine, Charlie Lowell, Steve Mason, and Matt Odmark

“I knew Bob Briner for more than forty years, and in all that time, I never stopped marveling at his incredible selflessness, generosity, and dedication. There is no greater praise than this: Everyone who knew him well considered him their best friend.”

-Edwin Pope, Sports editor, Miami Herald


“I have always shared Bob’s philosophy and vision that we step out of our comfortable subculture and reach into mainstream America and impact it with our faith. Other than my own father and my pastor, I have never had another man encourage me the way Bob did. He was 100% servant, and I am a better, wiser man because of his impact on my life.”

-Michael W. Smith, Grammy award-winning recording artist

“Heroes seem to be a thing of the past, something that sits back there in time somewhere, something we’ve lost a vision for. And when we do have a vision of heroes in our society and in our culture today, it has more to do with the muchness and the many and the more of life—the volume of something, of quantity, and hardly ever about quality. Maybe in Bob Briner there is a hero. Bob was always giving. I want to walk in the ways my ‘older brother’ set forth for me and in the ways he outlined. And in the same way as Paul had his disciples and they desired to walk in his ways, I was a disciple of Bob Briner, and I still am and intend to be for a long time. I will follow Bob as he follows Christ. In the life of Bob Briner something went very right. This man gave himself away in the name of Jesus Christ. He left us with a wonderful legacy of what it means to be God’s man in God’s place in God’s time. And he also left us with a tremendous charge to live for Christ in the everywhere and the everything of life. God is good in many ways. He is good also because he gave us Bob.”

-Charlie Peacock, Recording artist, producer and author

“Cutting edge? No. Bob Briner was on the bleeding edge when it comes to being pertinent in marketplace application and, at the same time, poignant with biblical truth. Though Bob is dead, he still speaks through his books, which are filled with insightful leadership principles that are not simply theoretical but were beaten out on the anvil of personal experience in his own daily journey of following the world’s greatest Leader.”

-O. S. Hawkins, President, Annuity Board of the SBC

“Bob Briner was a mentor of mine, and he influenced my life in the tennis world with his advice and counsel when I needed help. His wisdom, understanding, and biblical perspective were always welcome ingredients in enabling me to make the right decisions. Bob made a decision to change his profession and really to make the rest of his life count most in influencing and challenging thousands of people with his writing.”

-Stan Smith, U.S. Open and Wimbledon Champion


“Bob ‘RAB’ Briner was one of God’s great, humble servants. Bob was so close to what I was doing, and when the days were dark and rough, he was there. He had seen the end, and he knew it was going to be all right. Bob’s creative mind was always working. It was rich and fertile. God had given him an incredible sense of creativity. He was not just a sports manager; he was a creative person of God. And that creativity showed in everything he did. He helped to create people and their lives, he helped to mold and shape them, and graciously he gave of his own being so that others could succeed. The wolves will not win the battle, because Bob Briner has seen to it that great seeds have been sown, and the harvest is prepared, that the persons who can defeat the wolves are on the march, and that they are being creative in making inroads against the wolves who have controlled our world. How appropriate it is that a person uniquely like Bob Briner could have had a place in this world. We honor Bob by roaring the loudest we ever roared. His final book is Final Roar, but that echo will go on for generations and generations and forever and ever, because Bob was a man who walked only with God and his Savior, Jesus our Lord.”

-Ken Wales, Television and movie producer & actor



Below are just some of our growing network of Advisors,
and Mentors. 

Michael W. Smith
Recording Artist

Dr. Harry Jacobson
TriStar Technology Ventures

Chip Murray
The Panda Fund

Trent Dean

Larry Stofko
EVP, Innovation Institute
St Joseph Health System

Mat Anderson
VP Branding
Ribbow Media Group

Scott Mills
Engage Media Partners

John Horton
New Business Development Director
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Scott Fehrenbacher
Grand Canyon University/College of Worship Arts

Mark Lusk
President/Inpop Records

Ken Wales
Film Producer/Amazing Grace

Dave Ramsey
Author/Radio Host

Charlie Peacock
Artist, Songwriter, A&R Sony ATV Publishing

Peter York
President/ Capitol Christian Music Group

Eric Patrick
Road Pastor, Flyleaf


Terry Hemmings
CEO & President
Provident Music Group

Rick Christian
Alive Communications

CeCe Winans
Recording Artist

Mark Joseph
MJM Entertainment
Los Angeles

Scott Harris
Missions Pastor
Brentwood Baptist Church

Hugh Hewitt
Author/Media Host

Dr. Jeff Cornwall
Chair, Massey School of Entrepreneurship
Belmont University

Joe C. Cook, Jr
Principal and Co-Founder
Mountain Group Capital and
Chairman of the Board of Directors of
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Bobby Cruz
Pastor, Casa de Alabanza
Miami, FL

Lou Carlozo
Writer, Investment contributor
US News and World Report

Rich Gathro
Director, Washington DC Program
Pepperdine University

Steve Taylor
Filmmaker / Musician
Lipscomb University

Barry Landis
President & CEO
Ribbow Media




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