1. Welcome and Introduction - Day One


The visionaries behind Briner articulated the central vision for the partnership with Lipscomb. The goal is to explore how the Christian community can have greater impact on culture specifically through empowering and educating Christian creatives. The goal of the workshop is to develop preliminary strategies and measurable objectives to launch the partnership.

Key Quotes:

“Briner articulated what was stirring in my life.” -Barry Landis

“We aspire to be an ‘entertainment seminary’ — inspiring people to create content and have influence on the culture. We need to be courageously Christian.” - Mike Fernandez

“We need to be intentionally courageous and graciously Christian in an academic setting.” - Matt Paden

“In a post-Christian era, when the influence of the church has begun to diminish, it’s going to be the storyteller who makes a difference.” - Mike Fernandez